07 Aug 2014

Regional Update

Regional Update - 7 August 2014 Rain and rainfall variability are dominant themes in this year's cropping season. A recent storm dropped 5 inches of rain in one day in an area around Burlington, Ontario, while only 15 miles away, there was no rain at all. Despite the rain and rather cool temperatu

02 May 2014

Crop Nutrient Balances

The crop nutrient balance--the comparison of nutrients applied in relation those removed by crops--is an important indicator of the sustainability performance of crop production. Deficits in the nutrient balance can limit crop yields and deplete soil fertility, and surpluses can cause economic waste

06 Jan 2014

Plant Nutrition Today

One-page news articles on current nutrient stewardship issues.

07 Jan 2013

4R Nutrient Stewardship Portal

Materials developed by IPNI and other cooperators on 4Rs

04 Dec 2012

4R Nutrient Stewardship Topic

Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place

Regional Profile

The region has many areas with a large ratio of livestock to cropland area, leading to challenges of localized nutrient surpluses associated with managing manure as a source of plant nutrients. In addition to the crops listed above, there are many areas of fruit and vegetable production, both in field and in greenhouses, and both for fresh market and for processing. Potatoes comprise a substantial proportion of crop production in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Maine. Population density is high; land development is taking land from agriculture and impinging upon agricultural activities. Turfgrasses for residential lawns, recreational parks and golf courses occupy a substantial area of land and vary widely in intensity of nutrient use.

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Regional Director

Tom Bruulsema

Tom Bruulsema directs research and education programs in the Northeast region for the North American program of the International Plant Nutrition Institute, a not-for-profit, scientific organization dedicated to the responsible management of plant nutrition. Dr. Bruulsema is a Fellow in the Canadian Society of Agronomy, the American Society of Agronomy and the Soil Science Society of America, and a Certified Crop Adviser. He has research experience in soil science with Cornell University and the University of Minnesota, and in Bangladesh agronomy with the Mennonite Central Committee.

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